RRI Hub as a best practice at the “Engaged Cities - Engaged Universities” conference

  Conference "Engagierte Stadt - Engagierte Hochschule" Copyright: © KU

As part of the network program “Engagierte Stadt”, the thematic forum “Engagierte Städte - Engagierte Hochschulen” took place in Eichstätt on July 7 and 8 under the auspices of KU Eichstätt (KU, Mensch in Bewegung project) and in cooperation with representatives from universities in the network. At this meeting, the RRI Hub gave a keynote speech on the topic “Examples of good cooperation in the city: social responsibility”.

There is great potential for strengthening a diverse, democratic and solidarity-based urban community in the collaboration of civil society, universities, municipalities and business. There is an opportunity to work together to find solutions to local challenges. However, collaborations between engaged universities and engaged cities require good understanding and process design due to the different interests and self-perceptions of the actors involved. The hybrid meeting brought together engaged cities and engaged universities to share and reflect on best practices.

About the network program “Engaged City”.

Since 2015, the Engaged City network program has supported the development of lasting engagement landscapes in selected cities and communities in Germany. Cities benefit from the exchange of proven practical solutions and the diversity of local concepts. They are part of a network that makes successful local practice visible and strengthens civic engagement at all levels with strong partners.