The GDI congratulates the student initiative Women@TechAachen and Jason Moss for the Brigitte Gilles Award 2021

  Award of the Brigitte Gilles Prize 2021 Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

RWTH Aachen University has again awarded the Brigitte Gilles Prize. The award honors projects and initiatives that promote girls’ interest in science and technology, contribute to the advancement of women, or improve the conditions for women’s studies, teaching and research. Outstanding theses related to the topic of gender equality can also be honored.

Women@TechAachen honored in the internal category

The Women@TechAachen project was launched in May 2021. The initiators Kathrin Böttger, Julia Grünewald and Federica Azzalin have set themselves the goal of increasing the visibility of women. The basic prerequisite for this, they say, is to break down existing hierarchies and create a network of strong women. To network them more closely, they organize events and workshops for women in the TechAachen association, an umbrella organization of 13 technical, student initiatives at Aachen universities.

Jason Moss received an award in the outstanding thesis category

With his bachelor's thesis “Sex, Love and Gender in The Hunger Games - The Controversies of Challenging Heteronormativity” Jason Moss investigates and calls for a more consistent and purposeful depiction of queer sexualities and gender identities in young adult literature to promote a more diverse worldview. His personal concern is to promote equality beyond that between men and women. Sexuality and gender are more diverse and our literature should reflect that.