Templergraben ist (for the time being) car free!


On June 18, the city of Aachen started a reallabor for 4 months at Templergraben. During this time, student and city initiatives will animate the newly car-free Templergraben with various projects and cultural events.

In this Reallabor, over the next few months an urban space will be created that fosters experimentation. For this purpose, the city would like to offer support to all initiatives that would like to use the Templergraben. Information, participation events, and seating opportunities will encourage people to explore the topics of mobility, sustainability, city-making in the Corona-pandemic and the use of university space - or to simply to enjoy a coffee in the sun.
The project was initiated by the Uni.Urban.Mobil. initiative together with the VCD and ADFC associations with a citizen petition. The RRI Hub at the GDI supports the idea of the Reallabor.

On the website of the city of Aachen you can find more information about the traffic routing, the background and the events.