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Future Skills, Education for Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship Education: The list of new demands on university teaching is long. Innovative concepts and supplementary courses are designed to expand established courses, make them more practical and interdisciplinary. This is a major task that colleges and universities must take on if they are to remain forward-looking and competitive.

Many program managers and lecturers perceive themselves as facing this task alone. Yet many successful concepts already exist in German-speaking countries, pilot projects and courses of study that offer plenty of inspiration for innovative, practice-oriented teaching. In our recently published anthology we present for the first time pioneering projects at German universities and colleges in the context of the still young concept of Social Innovation Education.The projects and concepts described in this volume represent approaches to solutions for many pressing issues in academic teaching.

With our volume "Social Innovation Education-Transforming Learning Programs for Universities" we, the editors and authors, want to show educational innovations and make them tangible. With the soon to be launched educational platform of the same name, we want to connect actors and initiate cooperations.

"Social Innovation Education" was edited by Michael Wihlenda, Taiga Brahm, and Lina Greger. The editors have been researching innovative educational concepts at universities and competence development for several years.