Responsible Innovation: "Leonardo" module Summer 2021

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In the summer semester 2021, the recurring "Leonardo" module "Responsible Innovation – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Technology and Society" will take place, with a special focus research tackling the Corona-crisis. As in previous years, the module will be accompanied and supervised by Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten (Research Group Gender and Diversity in Engineering) and Professor Dominik Groß (Chair of History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine).


Important Info

The module will be held online via "zoom" video conferencing.

Registration for "Leonardo" courses is possible from the 1st until the 24th of March, 2021. 


Content and Learning Goals: Socially responsible technology design

"Technology shapes society and society shapes technology" (Christine Wächter)

As technological advancements change the essence of how we live and work, the importance of the interface between technology and society is becoming increasingly relevant. The growing global exchange of technology requires a critical examination of the resulting consequences for people and the environment. Technology ethics, technology acceptance, or technology assessment are frequently used buzzwords in this discourse - yet what can socially responsible technology design truly look like?

The Corona crisis impressively demonstrates the limits and possibilities of modern society. In addition to debates about civil society, legal and political negotiation processes, science also plays a central role: as a generator of knowledge, as a mediator of knowledge and as a nexus of innovations. There are numerous renowned scholars at RWTH whose research has contributed, is contributing, and can contribute to addressing the corona crisis. This course aims to provide an overview of such research topics and at the same time to give students perspectives on the relevance of their study content in a societal context.

Please note that this module is offered in German only. For further information please consult the German version of this page.

Project "Leonardo"

In the "Leonardo" project, students beyond the boundaries of the faculties get to know the various ways of thinking and approaches of different disciplines through joint interdisciplinary work. "Leonardo" modules are principally aimed at students of all faculties and focus on social challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. In addition to proof of active participation, students can submit protocols or homework and receive up to 4 credit points.