New Publication: Sustainable Mobility Cultures and the SDGs – Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach


In their recent publication, Jennifer Bosen and Prof. Dr. Carmen Leicht-Scholten examine the link between mobility and sustainability. Based on current scientific mobility discourses, the interdisciplinary concept of mobility culture(s) is presented and linked to that of sustainability and sustainable development.

  Urban mobility showing a tram, city streets and bicycles Copyright: © Wyron A via Unsplash  


Sustainable Mobility Cultures and the SDGs: Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach (2020)
Bosen, Jennifer & Leicht-Scholten, Carmen
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The article was published in Volume 11 of the Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which deals with Goal 11 of the SDGs: „Make cities and human settlements incluse, safe, resilient and sustainable“.