Aachen Joins National Network „Engagierte Stadt“: Supporting Civic Engagement

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Especially in times of crisis and upheaval, the value and potential of a committed urban community with strong social cohesion becomes apparent. The development and implementation of solutions for the wide range of challenges cities and communities are facing requires a stro culture of exchange between the many different actors in civil society, politics, administration, science and business. Joint design and local implementation, strengthening regional structures, cooperation and creativity are at the heart of the “Engaged City”. Aachen is now part of the nationwide network of the same name, which promotes these forms of cooperation and exchange as well as the knowledge transfer between the 73 “Engaged Cities”.


In cooperation with the City of Aachen, the civic foundation Bürgerstiftung Lebensraum Aachen and the AStA of the RWTH Aachen University, the platform Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Hub, introduced as part of the excellence strategy, initiated Aachen's application for the network. The RRI Hub promotes an intensive cooperation between science and society, which contributes to more mutual transparency and acceptance and from which solutions for complex challenges emerge.

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