March 2020: Workshop Inclusion at Universities – More than Accessibility


The HIS Institute for Higher Education Development e.V. invites you to the workshop Inclusion at Universities from 5th to 6th March 2020 in Hanover. During the workshop, Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten will give a talk on "Diversity as an indispensable element of scientific culture" in her roles as head of the Institute for Gender and Diversity in Engineering and Rectorate Commissioner for Socially Responsible Education at RWTH Aachen University.


Inclusion at universities has more facets than the "structural accessibility" of university buildings. In addition to the goal of enabling people with disabilities or a chronic illness to have non-discriminatory access to higher education, the term "inclusion" allows an even broader interpretation in the sense of "diversity". Namely, to value diversity and to treat actors in higher education equally regardless of their origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other characteristics. The workshop Inclusion aims to build on this perspective and offers a forum for actors from universities who deal with diversity issues in an operational and strategic capacity.

Registration for the Inclusion workshop can be made via the website of the HIS Institute and is open until 20 February 2020 [German only].