Scientists4Future Receive Federal Sustainability Award 2019


In October 2019, the initiative Scientists4Future received the Federal Sustainability Award 2019 of the German Federal Association for Sustainability. We support Scientists4Future and are pleased to hear about the recognition and appreciation of the initiative's acitivities.



Logo of the Scientists4Future iniative Copyright: © Scientists4Future

In march 2019, the Scientists4Future initiative published a statement on the climate protests in Germany that was written by scientists and approved of the young peoples' concerns. The statement has been signed by more than 26,000 scientists (mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

The jury highlighted the comprehensive information material offered on the initiative's website as it contributed to a fact-based analysis of climate issues. In combination with their high reach, Scientists4Future were able to enhance the credibility of the FridayForFutures-movement and raise public awareness for climate protection and sustainability.


About the Federal Sustainability Award

The Federal Sustainability Award honors particularly sustainable activities in the categories society, politics, government agencies and economy and is granted by the German Federal Association for Sustainability. A multi-generational jury awarded in total seven projects, institutions and organisations. The Scientists4Future initiative was awarded in the category "politics".