Challenges for fire safety engineering in the future in WS 2019/2020




Ann-Kristin Winkens

research assistant


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Learning objectives

The students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering with the compulsory elective subject "Challenges for the Fire Protection of the Future" learn the foundations of preventive structural fire protection, the use and application of different building products as well as the foundations of fire protection engineering methods:

  • They determine the bases of the building law for the solution of practical problems with the approppiate conversion of fire protection-technical regulations for the planning and execution of projects under consideration of the aspects of the preventive (structural) fire protection.
  • They develop the usability certificates in fire protection and the use and application of building products and construction types.
  • They are familiar with fire protection engineering methods and use them for the development of fire protection solutions with a focus on performance and protection objectives.


The course "Challenges for the Fire Protection of the Future" will be offered in winter semester 2019/2020 two semester hours per week. Findings from science, research and practice will be presented by the lecturer Dipl.-Ing. Georg Spennes, expert for the examination of structural fire protection and managing director of BFT Cognos GmbH.

Learning contents

Contents (selection):

  • Fire protection fundamentals
  • Material fire protection requirements
  • Operational-organizational fire protection
  • Technical fire protection
  • Use and application of construction products and construction types
  • Site management fire protection
  • Fire protection engineering methods

Teaching methods:

Seminar-like lectures, exercises




Self-study with written solution of tasks via teaching and learning platform on examination date