Due to the high demand we cannot guarantee to provide supervision to your thesis at the moment!

Please take into account that the topics mentioned show a rough overview of the thematic areas we supervise. In the context of the independent preparation of theses, we require that you contact us with a specific question and have already dealt with the respective topic in preliminary research. We will be happy to discuss the feasibility, scope and further procedure with you in a first meeting.

Please also note, prior knowledge in the field of gender and diversity is required and previous participation in the seminar Introduction to Scientific Work in Engineering is strongly recommended.

Research papers and theses


Open Papers and Theses

Here you find a list of all open research papers and theses


Here you can find a few inpirational topics, which could serve as a basis for a specific research question for your thesis. 

Bachelor Theses

  • Sustainability discourses in the context of civil engineering
  • Social responsibility vs. economic constraints
  • Using instead of owning - Sharing Economy as the key to sustainability?
  • Mobility of tomorrow
  • Sustainable urban development and demographic change
  • Accessibility - from regulation to implementation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - added value or fraudulent labelling?
  • Framework conditions for the cooperation of intercultural project teams in the construction industry
  • The importance of social skills for managers in construction companies
  • Engineering Culture - USA & Germany

Master theses

  • Educational equity and diversity at universities
  • Gender & Diversity meets specialist cultures
  • Engineering Culture in International Comparison
  • Change Management & Organisation Development
  • Diversity Management
  • Design Thinking in the Production Branch
  • Change Management & Organisational Culture


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