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Open Papers and Theses

Here you find a list of all open research papers and theses


Here you can find a few inpirational topics, which could serve as a basis for a specific research question for your thesis.

Bachelor Theses

  • Sustainability discourses in the context of civil engineering
  • Social responsibility vs. Economic constraints
  • Mobility of tomorrow
  • Sustainable urban development and demographic change
  • Accessibility – from regulation to implementation
  • Framework conditions for the cooperation of intercultural project teams in the construction industry
  • The importance of social skills for managers in construction companies
  • Engineering Culture – USA & Germany

Master theses

  • Educational equity and diversity at universities
  • Gender & Diversity meets specialist cultures
  • Engineering Culture in international comparison
  • Resilience (in Engineering Education)
  • Future Skills in Engineering
  • Engineering Identity
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Social Innovation

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