Past Theses



Bachelor's Theses

  • Tiny houses as a solution to a socially sustainable development of housing space 
  • Climate change and intersectionality – Analysis of the particular vulnerability of women in the Charlands of Bangladesh
  • Cimate Change and Gender – The case of Charlands in Bangladesh 
  • Is Student Mobility Socially Sustainable? – Investigation on the RWTH Aachen Campus
  • Commuting through avenues and exhaust fumes in Aachen – Analysis of bike mobility and perceived air pollution in urban areas
  • Sustainable building: The DGNB certification system with regard to the sociocultural aspect and its applicability – using the example of RWTH building 'PPS'
  • Accessibility of heritage church buildings
  • Expectations of potential applicants regarding the social skills of their future leaders in construction companies
  • Accessibility in fire protection – A qualitative analysis of the implementation status, identification of current challenges and development of solutions by means of expert interviews
  • Demographic change at airports and the impact on passenger terminal processes
  • Accessibility in public transportation – an analysis and valuation of selected measures for improving the accessibility for people with reduced mobility in public transportation
  • From Global to Local – An analysis of local sharing economy’s characteristics focusing on food sharing and urban gardening networks in Aachen
  • Implementation of Smart City concepts in city districts – exemplified by the “GrowSmarter”-project at Stegerwaldsiedlung in Cologne Mülheim
  • Sharing is caring? A critical analysis of Airbnb and Couchsurfing as contribution to the concept of sharing economy
  • Learning by playing – The development of a simulation game as basis for a Master’s course in Civil Engineering focusing on Transportation at RWTH Aachen University
  • Design Thinking in Companies
  • Sustainability and diversity in domestic construction – An Analysis of two housing projects in NRW
  • Home sweet home? – An analysis of different types of accommodations for refugees considering human dignity
  • Barriers and opportunities for women in management positions in the construction industry

Master's Theses

  • Resilience and sustainability in urban areas – Analysis of resilience approaches for the risk management of buildings for the development of a corresponding resilience strategy in Medellin, Colombia
  • Innovation and Diversity – Investigation of the Managerial Influence in Innovation and Diversity Management of International Construction Companies
  • Talent identification and promotion: Identification of diversity and excellence factors in the study and career orientation of upper secondary school students in NRW/ in the Aachen region
  • Talent Advancement from the Perspective of Talents – An analysis using the example of talentscouting Aachen
  • Assessment of the resilience potential of strategies in dealing with natural disasters in the context of disaster management using the example of floods in Sri Lanka
  • Innovation and Usability Processes in Corporations – An Empirical Analysis of Innovation and Usability Processes in the Context of Medical Technology
  • Engineering Resilience – An Analysis of chosen study paths in the field of Engineering at RWTH Aachen University with the focus on resilience-oriented contents
  • Innovation and Diversity in Product Management - An Analysis of the Importance and the Design of the Innovation Process in the context of the Digitization of Healthcare and Medical Devices
  • Design Thinking in Software Engineering - Exploring the impact of diversity on Design Thinking using a qualitative analysis
  • Design Thinking in Software Engineering - Exploring the impact of diversity on Design Thinking using a qualitative analysis
  • Startup success stories – An analysis of startups in the field of engineering and business incubators with regard to diversity-competencies
  • Large hydropower plants and social sustainability – An international comparison
  • Innovation in corporate management – Integration and measurability from the perspective of employees
  • Implementation of Innovation Processes in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – An Emprirical Study Using the Example of German Mechanical Engineering Enterprises
  • Resilience, international development cooperation and eurocentrism – an analysis of decision-theoretical models in individualistic and collectivistic systems