Skills for Social and Sustainable Technology Design



Technology, science, society and the environment are in a reciprocal relationship that poses new challenges for future graduates. The seminar for master's students puts the competences acquired during the previous study into a global context, based on social technology design and sustainability. In order to be able to interact inan increasingly complex world, also with regard to intercultural cooperation, it is necessary to reflect on the responsibility and the required competences as professional engineers so that ecological and socially sustainable action can be strengthened.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing the seminar, students will be able to describe their own responsibilities as engineers and to reflect on the relevance of socially responsible and sustainable technology design. Furthermore, they reflect on the relevance of interdisciplinary thinking and commerce – as part of their own studies and for their later professional life. The students are able to assess professional and personal competences with regard to their relevance for a social and sustainable technology design as well as to independently develop ideas and problem-solving competences with regard to the integration into the university context.

Language of instruction: German
Type: Seminar