Innovation & Diversity

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Language of Instruction: English 

Type: Seminar

Registration dates from Sept. 1st, 2023, 00:00 until October 8th, 2023, 23:59.



The seminar "Innovation & Diversity" deals with the interlinkages between the development of sustainable and responsible innovations and diversity in changing contexts. Diversity is therefore considered from different perspectives and a focus on selected categories of diversity (e.g. gender, race, age) is set. During the course, students work together in groups to discuss sustainable, innovative, and diversity-sensitive solutions to current research areas like sustainable and inclusive AI systems.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students are able

• to understand the connection between diversity, innovation and their own subject,

• to transfer the connection and its consideration to practical examples,

• to critically reflect on them and their own behaviour,

• to apply them analytically to a concrete case,

• to prepare a profound basis for a discussion with opposing viewpoints, and

• to prepare a scientific elaboration.


Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals 5, 9 and 10 Copyright: © UN

The seminar introduces students to responsible technology and innovation processes. In particular, topics of equality and diversity (SDG 5, 10) are highlighted in the technical context. With a focus on innovation (SDG 9), the seminar introduces terms related to responsibility and sustainability and establishes the link between innovation and diversity.

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