Diversity and Innovations



The seminar "Diversity and Innovations" deals with the context between the development of sustainable innovations and diversity. Diversity is considered from two different perspectives. The seminar reflects both, an internal perspective (diversity management, change management, innovation management, corporate social responsibility) and an external perspective (greenwashing, ethics, sustainability).

On the basis of concrete examples from application-related projects, the resulting need to consider different diversity categories in the individual disciplines will be developed and discussed in plenary sessions.

Intended Learning Outcomes

This course aims to teach students the connection between diversity, innovation and their own field of study. In order to achieve this goal, students:

(a) discuss the context between diversity and innovation,
(b) discuss diversity and change management,
(c) learn about the Diversity Management concept discussed using practical examples,
(d) discuss the approach of human-centered design,
(e) develop related cases,
(f) reflect the relationship between innovation and ethics,
(g) discuss the approach to Corporate Social Responsibility,
(h) discuss the approach of Greenwashing,
(i) create transfer between stereotyping, labelling and social processes.

A continuous reference to the different disciplines and realities of life will be established.

The students learn to create an independent transfer and to apply it to the respective disciplines. Through interdisciplinary and intercultural group work, the students also acquire further professionally relevant skills.

Teaching language: English
Type: Seminar