Engineering, Culture and Society (MME Module)



This course will consider how culture shapes and impacts engineering, with a particular focus on the cultural aspects of gender that affect who becomes an engineer, what problems get solved, and the quality of solutions, technology, and products. We will examine engineering cultures and gender through the lens of theories, concepts and approaches of the social sciences, which extend the engineering education and practice with interdisciplinary and innovative perspectives. We will also take into account the role and impact engineering and technology have for society and why it makes sense to reflect different approaches.

Technical processes are determined by the people carrying them out, their disciplinary backgrounds, their views, and the methods they use. How do these backgrounds affect ways of thinking and practice? How do they influence outcomes, and the development in innovation and research? Does gender matter? What does Diversity mean? How can the integration of gender and diversity perspectives help to find sustainable solutions?

Furthermore within the course we want to reflect and examine in which different ways gender and diversity issues affect water management and engineering in different fields.

Type: Seminar
Language of instruction: English


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