Technical Sciences and Diversity – Relevance for professional practice



In this course the students will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the theories and concepts of gender and diversity studies, gender mainstreaming and diversity management, and to realize the relevance for the professional practice of future engineers as well as the societal significance. For this reason the concepts will be critically discussed and reflected in the seminar group on the basis of selected texts.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, students are able to reflect on gender and diversity perspectives with regard to engineering sciences and to create the transfer to practical examples and study concepts of other disciplines. Students gain knowledge of the results and discourses of social science-based research on the needs, requirements and challenges of various user groups.
They are able to critically reflect on the concepts and apply them analytically to a concrete case. Students can give a scientific presentation and/or write a scientific research paper.

Language of instruction: German

Type: Seminar