Here you will find an overview of the current promotions at the GDI.


Diversity in Complex Organizations

In order to enable a successful and sustainable implementation of diversity management especially within the context of complex (research) organizations, a research design will be developed and tested that links the approaches of diversity and change management with organizational culture by adopting a systems-theoretical perspective. The research design will be applied to a complex scientific organization. Learn more


Mobility Future

The thesis deals with sustainability attitudes and future visions of young adults in the context of traffic mobility. To this end, an empirical interview study with non-activists from rural areas will be conducted. To close the research gap regarding a sociological, conceptual-theoretical approach to sustainable and inclusive future mobility, a conceptual interface of sustainability and mobility will be developed.  Learn more


Power, Gender and Fear in Urban Spaces

Based on the discussion about so-called fear spaces, the station forecourt in Cologne and the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin will be analyzed with regard to their social production as fear spaces and the interwoven structures of power and asymmetric power structures. Learn more


Resilience in Engineering Education

As part of the doctorate, the extent to which competencies for designing resilient systems ​are/can be acquired by prospective engineers in university education is examined. This is analysed on the basis of various environment-related master‘s courses at the IDEA League universities in order to formulate implications for the design of curricula. Learn more