Conferment of the DIGIFellow distinction by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

DigiFellowship 2023 Copyright: © GDI

The DigiFellowship, a joint initiative of RWTH Aachen University, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Stifterverband and ETS, has been supporting innovative approaches in digital university teaching since 2020.

For the year 2023, the Fellowship of the Bridging Professorship Gender and Diversity in Engineering under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Carmen Leicht-Scholten was awarded for the realisation of the extended Flipped Classroom concept for the reflection of diversity perspectives in the context of the inter-faculty lecture "Engineering Sciences and Society".

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Awarded the RWTH Teaching Award in the category of Sustainability."

Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Carmen Leicht-Scholten Copyright: © Wisam Zureik

Univ. Prof. Dr. phil. Carmen Leicht-Scholten, Professor of Gender and Diversity in Engineering, was awarded the RWTH Aachen Teaching Prize on 20 June 2022 as part of the Talk Lehre conference format, which was awarded for the first time in the category of sustainability. The prize, worth 12,000 euros, is awarded to teachers who take a holistic approach to sustainability and integrate this into their teaching.

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FAMOS für Familie 2016

FAMOS für Familie award winners Copyright: © Martin Lux

Six RWTH Managers Honored for Their Family-Friendly Management

Over the past months all RWTH Aachen employees had the opportunity to nominate their managers for the ninth call of the award FAMOS für Familie. The award honors individuals who have made particular efforts in family-friendly management, sustainable leadership, healthy work-life balance, and creativity in the workplace. The jury is composed of representatives from the Rectorate, Equal Opportunities Office, the Integration Team – Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD, and the staff councils.

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Summer School as Best Practice in the Case of Instruments of the German Research Foundation 2016

The German Research community DFG added the transatlantic Summer School between the GDI and the Stanford University to its DFG Case of Instruments as a role example. Topics of the Summer School were Gender, Diversity and Culture in the framework of Innovation Developments.


Best Paper Award at the SEFI 2015

The paper "Breaking the habit - new approaches in Engineering Education" made by Linda Steuer, Tobias Berg and Carmen Leicht-Scholten was awarded as best paper of the conference among more than 150 submitted papers in the framework of this year's "Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education" SEFI at the University of Orléans


GDI project "buildING│bridges" registered as best practice in the Case of Instruments of the German Research Foundation

The research project "buildING│bridges - Integration of gender and diversity perspectives in electric mobility and teaching" which is coordinated by the research group “Gender and Diversity in Engineering” GDI was registered by the German Research Foundation DFG as a best practice example for research projects.


Kármán Fellow 2014

Within the scope of the Exploratory Research Space Visiting Scientist Program “Theodore-von-Kármán-Fellowship”, Professor Leicht-Scholten had the opportunity to present the research and teaching activities of the department “Gender and Diversity in Engineering” GDI at the Stanford University’s Faculty of Engineering in March 2014.

Professor Leicht-Scholten demonstrated in her lectures how gender- and diversity-aspects are integrated into STEM-subjects, that are science, technology, engineering and mathematics, at the RWTH Aachen University. She illustrated the possibilities to adapt and to realize such measures at the Stanford University. The link between humanities and engineering by means of Professor Leicht-Scholten’s joint professorship created plenty of interest among the scientists in Stanford.

The four-week visiting fellowship paved the way for further cooperation and joint research projects between the GDI and the Stanford University.


Fellowship Program 2013

Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten was awarded by the Theodore von Kármán Fellowship Program for outgoing scientists of the RWTH Aachen at the University of Stanford.