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The conception of the professorship Gender and Diversity in Engineering as a bridging professorship is also reflected in the field of research by connecting interdisciplinary scientific perspectives and research questions. Our idea and understanding of science is based on a holistic consideration of the interdependencies between technology development and society. Technology doesn’t happen separately from human beings. Rather, technology derives from their creativity, their productivity. Technology expresses human needs and the intended purposes, which are reflected in its design and function. Therefore, technology always has to be considered in its social and political context.

Which relevance do technical innovations have for social developments and vice versa? Which effects arise for different social groups? How can socially and environmentally acceptable innovations be fostered by adequate political instruments and institutional frameworks? How can design and development of technology comply with multifaceted users? And how can one release and stimulate the potentials of an increasing social diversity?

The following research projects are currently carried out by GDI:



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The EEQUS Project conducts a survey to identify reasons and casual relations that courses failure rates and obstacles on the way to a successful graduation. The project goal is to explore specifics of studying at the faculty of civil engineering and to expand the internal instruments of RWTH Aachen University. The survey instruments, recommendations for action and measures resulting from the project should supplement the internal instruments of faculty quality management of teaching in the future.



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The Talentscouting Aachen project is evaluated by the GDI. In the framework of this, an analysis of the processes and impacts of the Talentscouting Aachen will be accomplished.

Talentscouting Aachen is a collaborative project of the RWTH Aachen University and the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. The main objective is to encourage pupils/students from families without an academic background in the region of Aachen, Düren, Heinsberg and Euskirchen regarding their aspired educational paths.


Cluster of Excellece "Internet of Production"

Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries Copyright: Cluster of Excellence

The GDI is represented in two sub-projects within the Cluster of Excellence. Within the sub-project "Equal Opportunities", the GDI is researching the implementation of a diversity management approach in complex organisational structures. The sub-project D1 "Integrated Usage" places human users and workers, who are a crucial component of social-technical production systems, in the centre of attention. Learn more



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MINT-L4@RWTH is the name of a competence centre founded towards the end of 2012, which acts as a pivotal point of contact for all those interested in the acquisition and training of STEM students as well as the further education and support of STEM teachers by RWTH Aachen University. In addition, it supports the university’s efforts to ensure excellent teaching by educational competence in the STEM fields. In addition, it supports the university’s efforts to ensure excellent teaching by educational competence in the STEM fields.