Completed (research) projects


Completed in 2023

Study on the Measured and Subjectively Perceived Air Pollution of Commuters in Aachen
The study investigated the measured and subjectively perceived air pollution levels of cyclists along an Aachen commuter route from Aachen Central Station to the university’s campus centre. For this purpose, methods and results from natural and social sciences were combined in a trans- and interdisciplinary approach.
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Completed in 2020

Talentscouting NRW
The Talentscouting program of the State Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research and the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences are committed to more educational justice and equal opportunities. Talentscouting is now offered at 17 universities of applied sciences and universities from all over NRW. The project ran at RWTH between 2017 and 2020 with internal accompanying research from the GDI. 
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Completed in 2018/19

Good start in engineering sciences
The aim of the cooperation project between the FH and RWTH Aachen University was to offer first-year students the opportunity to orientate themselves within a so-called zeroth semester and to get to know the most diverse engineering disciplines at both universities. The result of the project is the BIOS course of studies with orientation semester.
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Investigation of study delay factors and development of a set of instruments to complement the quality management system in the study at the Faculty 3.
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Completed in 2016/17

Urban Future Outline (UFO)
Within the context of the interdisciplinary project UFO, engineers, natural scientists, humanities scholars and social scientists jointly developed innovative solutions for the cities of the future in four interdisciplinary sub-projects. The project was funded by the Excellence Initiative and aimed at establishing a research platform for urban areas.

Future Mobility (FuMob)
The interdisciplinary UFO sub-project dealt with questions concerning the needs, potentials and limits of public communication and information in the structural planning and implementation of new mobility concepts.
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Completed in 2015

The buildING|bridges project aims to integrate gender and diversity perspectives into instruments of mobility research and into the teaching of civil engineering.
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New scientific careers
On the basis of scientifically sound analyses, novel and sustainable career models for the science system were developed, which increase the attractiveness of career paths in science and research. This was intended to achieve the goal of increasing the proportion of women in leading positions in science and research.
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Completed before 2015

DiEva: Gender- and Diversity-oriented Evaluation at the RWTH Aachen University
The aim of the evaluation was to examine whether a gender- and diversity-oriented university development is achieved through the top-down process of RWTH Aachen University. In addition, it was also examined to what extent the individual actors at the university have the necessary prerequisites for organisational change.
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IGaDtools4MINT – integration of gender and diversity in MINT courses at universities
The overall objective of IGaDtools4MINT is to develop a concept that contributes to both increasing the proportion of women and reducing the drop-out rate in MINT subjects.  
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Family time(s) in science and research
The aim of the project was to systematize the reintegration process at RWTH Aachen University after a family-related time out and to anchor it institutionally. Such a time out means both parental leave and the care of relatives. The project's target group mainly consisted of scientists and administrative staff.
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Images of Technology
The project pursued the central question of which images of technology, of engineering work and of engineers transport companies and universities in their external presentation.
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Gender and Science
The application-oriented research project at the Institute of Sociology at RWTH Aachen University pursued the goal of stimulating a broad, university-wide dialogue and showing ways in which gender aspects can be integrated into research and teaching, thereby broadening research perspectives.
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Highly qualified migrant women in top technological research at universities
The central aim of the project was to gain insights into the essential conditions that enable continuity and success in the career path of highly qualified women at universities and to specify the causes that lead to career breaks.
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Same Same But Different
The aim of the project was to bring together the various academic discourses from the disciplines of sociology, political science, educational science and law in an interdisciplinary way with regard to educational justice in the context of gender justice at universities. Furthermore, a transfer concept was developed that can be used as a basis for scientific discourses on the topic of educational justice that build on this.
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Should I Stay or Should I Go (SIS) – Students with migration background in MINT subjects
The central goal of the SIS project was to gain insights into the main causes that lead students to drop out of MINT subjects within the first semesters.

The project included the development, implementation and scientific evaluation of a personnel development programme for female postdoctoral students in the natural and engineering sciences.
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WiST II Survey
RWTH Aachen University participated in the WiST II German University Survey, which was funded by the European Commission in the 6th Research Framework Programme. The survey was part of the international research project WiST II Survey, which involved international companies and renowned universities in Europe.
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