BIOS – Cooperative Course in Civil Engineering with Orientation Semester

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The newly conceived course BIOS (Civil Engineering with orientation semester) is a cooperative course of studies between the RWTH Aachen University and the FH Aachen and is based on the successful experiences with the project "Good start of studies in the engineering field". The eight-semester bachelor's degree course is aimed at students who wish to gain realistic insights into the civil engineering course at both universities in order to be able to make their individual study decision for a type of university and possibly a later specialisation. Besides, a clear focus is placed on the topic of socially responsible technology design.

In addition to a joint orientation semester with the FH Aachen, an additional eighth semester has been designed for students who decide to study at the RWTH Aachen University after the first semester. This offers the opportunity to gain experience abroad and practical experience as well as further extra-curricular competencies within the regular course of studies. The course of study offers numerous opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary courses and to gain credit points at other faculties. Professor Dr. Carmen Leicht-Scholten has been appointed by the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Civil Engineering as the representative for the new BIOS study course, so that the coordination is located at the GDI teaching and research area.



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