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The European consortium ENHANCE – European Universities of Technology Alliance – comprises ten technical universities and pursues the vision of a European university that fosters a shared identity, transcends national borders, and reinforces innovation, inclusion, creativity, and responsibility.

In addition to RWTH Aachen, the following universities are part of the ENHANCE consortium:

Over the next four years, collaboration among the universities is to be intensified and expanded. ENHANCE+ builds upon the core objectives of ENHANCE, namely "European Education without Barriers," "European University for the Future of Europe," and "European University for a Resilient Society."

Within the ENHANCE consortium, the GDI is responsible for the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow", developed in collaboration with colleagues from other ENHANCE universities. As part of the research project ENHANCE.R, the GDI, in conjunction with colleagues from other ENHANCE universities, conducts a survey on the topic of "Social Entrepreneurship at Technical Universities in Europe" and a survey on teaching and learning experiences, attitudes, and motivational aspects of individuals engaged in engineering education.

Within ENHANCE+, the GDI is active in Work Package 4, "Future Skills for Engineers and Scientists." This work package aims to identify future skills (cross-disciplinary personal and social competencies) that empower engineers and scientists to contribute to a competitive, resilient, and value-oriented Europe. Goals within Work Package 4 include:

  • Shared understanding of the required competencies of future engineers and scientitsts
  • Identification of the current gap between required Future Skills and the educational offerings at ENHANCE universities
  • Identification of suitable educational formats for imparting Future Skills


ENHANCE+ is financed by the European Union and coordinated by the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture (EACEA) in conjunction with the European University Alliance.


November 2023 – Oktober 2027


Sustainable Development Goals

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Education is a central task of universities. Within this framework, all learners should acquire the necessary knowledge and qualifications to promote sustainable development. The development of key competencies for sustainable development should enable students to shape sustainable development.

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