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Agility, Resilience and Transformation in Curriculum Design


Engineers must overcome current and future challenges characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

The aim of the DECART project is to provide guidelines for the design of innovative curricula with a focus on resilience and transformation. A framework and tools will be developed to support STEM and Management Educational Leaders in the development and transformation of curricula and study programs. To this end, innovative curricula will first be identified and exchanged between the international project partners. Building on this, models and processes for the change and transformation of curricula will be developed. As part of this, the resilience and compatibility of the curricula will be evaluated and improved. In addition, leadership models will be presented to support educational stakeholders to operate successfully in increasingly volatile socio-economic contexts.

The DECART project is an international cooperation project involving France, Iceland, Indonesia, Lithuania, South Africa and Germany.


The international research and innovation project DECART is funded as part of the European Commission's ERASMUS+ program.


2023 to 2025


Sustainable Development Goals

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Education is a central task of universities. Within this framework, all learners should acquire the necessary knowledge and qualifications to promote sustainable development. The development of key competencies for sustainable development should enable students to shape sustainable development.

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