IGaDtools4MINT - Integration of Gender and Diversity in STEM-subjects in Higher Education


Conference publication “Informatikkultur neu denken” published by Springer

The conference publication „Informatikkultur neu denken – Konzepte für Studium und Lehre“ was published by Springer and is available as download, e-Book and print version. The edited volume is the result of the final conference of the research project IGaDtools4MINT – Integration of Gender and Diversity in STEM-subjects in Higher Education. The volume is edited by Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten from the GDI and Professor Ulrik Schroeder from the i9.



Despite ambitious research and following pilot projects and support programmes in the so-called MINT subjects that were introduced to increase the percentage of women and decrease their dropout rate in these fields, the number of women is only rising slowly.

In reference to the renowned project of the American Carnegie Mellon University, conducted in the late 1990s at the department of computer science through which CMU could achieve a significant increase of the percentage of women, from 7 percent among the first-year students in 1995 to 42 percent in the year 2000, the transfer and further development of this scheme for computer science courses in Germany shall be developed.


The overall goal of IGaDtools4MINT is the development of a concept which contributes to the increase of the percentage of women as well as to a reduction of the drop-out rate in MINT subjects. The concept is based on the analysis and combination of existing nationwide best practice measures in the field of teaching leading to a comprehensive package of measures which aims at gender equal teaching as well as an opening of the faculty culture for diverse women and men.

A toolkit for the comprehensive and sustainable implementation of gender and diversity aspects at universities

A basic outcome of this scheme is a gender and diversity toolkit offering action guidelines as well as implementation strategies and methods for universities. It shall increase the percentage of young women, other in MINT subjects hitherto underrepresented groups, for example individuals with non-academic or migration backgrounds or physically challenged persons, and inspire non-technophiles to get involved in the examination of research questions from technical and engineering fields.

The toolkit which will be realised during the course of the project will exemplarily be developed at RWTH Aachen University and tested at TU Berlin afterwards. After its successful application, the toolkit will be transferred to other universities as well. The project ends with a conference in Berlin where the toolkit will be presented on November 23, 2013.

IGaDtools4MINT is a joint project of the research group "Gender and Diversity in Engineering" and the Computer Science Department i9 at RWTH Aachen University as well as the research group Models and Theory of Distributed Systems at TU Berlin.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the initiative “Frauen an die Spitze” and runs for three years from February 2011 until January 2014.

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