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Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Gender und Diversity in den Ingenieurwissenschaften


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Linda Steuer-Dankert's current research is concerning change management, diversity management and organisational management. Furthermore, she looks at aspects of technology acceptance and is teaching design thinking, entrepreneurship and social innovation at GDI. Her dissertation in the context of the excellence cluster "Internet of Production" is funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation).



Linda Steuer-Dankert studied business administration with a special focus on personnel management, organisational management and economics as well as business psychology. She aquired other qualifications in the field of logistic consulting, process and supply chain management and international economic policy. In 2015, Linda Steuer-Dankert studied the practical application of design thinking at in the context of a project in cooperation with Stanford University.






Diversity- and Innovation Management in Complex Engineering Organizations
7th International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 5–6 April 2019​

Doing Gender and Diversity in Engineering – Sozial verantwortliche Ingenieursausbildung in der Praxis
VDI Tagung: Engineering Diversity – Vielfalt als Mehrwert gestalten, 2019


Innovation and Diversity Integrating new perspectives into research associations
12th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Paris, France, 21–22 September, 2017


Social Responsibility and Innovation Key Competencies for Engineers
9th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, Spain, 14–16 November, 2016​


Breaking the Habit – New Approaches in Engineering Education
43rd Annual SEFI Conference, Orléans, France, 29 June – 2 July, 2015​


Implementation of Gender and Diversity in Transport Development Plans – A Discourse Analysis of German traffic contents
Designing Sustainable Urban Environments for All, Rome, Italy, 25–26 September, 2014


Supervised Theses

Master's Theses

  • Innovation and Diversity – Investigation of the managerial influence in Innovation and Diversity Management of International Construction Companies
  • Innovation and Usability Processes in Companies – An Empirically Supported Analysis of Usability and Innovation Processes in the Field of Medical Technology
  • Innovation and Diversity in Product Management – An Analysis of the Significance and Design of Innovation Processes in the Context of the Digitisation of Health Products
  • Design Thinking in Software Engineering – A qualitative Analysis of the Significance of Diversity in Design
  • Thinking Office Concepts and Interculturality – Feasability of Modern Office Concepts in an Intercultural Context
  • Diversity Builds Innovation? – Heterogeneous Teams in Construction Companies
  • User Acceptance and Satisfaction as Success Criteria for the Introduction of Autonomous Products
  • Innovation in Corporate Management – Integration and Measurability from the Perspective of Employees
  • Implementation of Innovation Processes in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – An Empirical Analysis Based on the Example of German Mechanical Engineering Companies

Diploma Theses

  • Gender and Diversity as Integral Part of Engineering Education – Review of SEFI Conference Papers and Articles of the European Journal of Engineering Education

Bachelor's Theses

  • Design Thinking in Engineering
  • Design Thinking in Corporations




  • 2015 – SEFI Best Paper Award


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Doing Gender and Diversity in Engineering - Sozial verantwortliche Ingenieursausbildung in der Praxis
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Diversität und Innovation in ingenieurwissenschaftlich geprägten Forschungseinrichtungen - Entwicklung eines systemorientierten Diversity und Innovation Management-Ansatzes zur Etablierung einer Corporate Culture der sozialen Nachhaltigkeit
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Diversity- and Innovation Management in Complex Engineering Organizations
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