DFG Emphasizes the Relevance of Gender and Diversity in Research


Adequate considerations of gender and diversity dimensions in the research context can be crucial for the quality and applicability of scientific research results. In a recent statement, the Senate of the German Research Society (DFG) emphasiszes the importance of gender and diversity in research.


As a prominent example, crash test dummies which show gender-specific differences and thus represent both male and female occupants help to identify individual injury risks and thus make means of transport safer for all occupants. According to the DFG, the reflection of gender and diversity in relation to the persons conducting the research, the persons or animals under investigation and the persons affected by the implementation of the research results should be part of the preparation of every research project, regardless of the discipline. Researchers should always consider whether gender and diversity aspects are relevant to the research project and should be included in a research proposal. To this end, the DFG now offers assistance and general as well as discipline-specific information on its website for the humanities and social sciences, engineering sciences, life sciences and natural sciences. Concrete examples of research projects from the various disciplines are used to demonstrate the reflection of gender and diversity, including in the context of basic research.