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Marie Decker, M.Sc., mathematician by training, is Research Associate and PhD candidate at the Research Group Gender and Diversity in Engineering (GDE) and project lead of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Hub at the Technical University in Aachen (RWTH) in Germany. The DFG-funded RRI Hub initiates and supports projects at the interface between science and society in the fields of social innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility on a national level and internationally in the ‘ENHANCE – European Universities of Technology Alliance’. Her Ph.D. project focuses on the fair application of machine learning methods, in particular concerning issues of inequality reduction. With her work, she is contributing to enhancing diversity perspectives in technology and educating future responsible engineers.



Marie Decker studied mathematics with a focus on data science and machine learning applications at RWTH Aachen University and is studying economics as a second degree at RWTH. She worked as a tutor for medical statistics and as a research assistant at the Institute of Applied Medical Technology in the Science Management group from November 2019 to April 2020. She got to know the GDI by giving a guest lecture in the lecture "Engineering Sciences and Society" with her organization Studieren Ohne Grenzen. From October 2018 to April 2021, she worked as a research assistant at the GDI.


Supervised Theses

Bachelor's Theses

  • Engineering Education and Implementation of artificial intelligence using the example of ChatGPT - What do students think? (2023)
  • Smart Mobility as a Sustainable Solution for Urban Traffic with a Case Analysis of Aachen’s Mobility (2023)
  • Waste Management in African Cities - How can sustainable waste management concepts contribute to the rapid urban developments in emerging markets in Africa, exemplified by Accra (Ghana)? (2023)
  • Diversity in civil engineering – Diversity Management of companies in
    comparison using the example of Germany and Sweden (2022)

Master's Theses

  • Coliving and coworking services in the area of conflict between gentrification and common good (2023)
  • Acquiring Competencies in Engineering Studies - The Role of Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e. V. in the Acquisition of Competencies Necessary for Engineers (2021)





Decker, Marie (2023). (Künstliche) INTELLIGENZ neu denken. Vortrag im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe "... Neu Denken! Überlebensstrategien für die Meschheit" des Lehr- und Forschungsgebietes für Grenzfragen von Theologie, Naturwissenschaft und Technik der RWTH Aachen, Aachen, November 09th, 2023.

Decker, Marie; Wegner, Laila; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen (2023). RRI as Opportunity for Enhancing Procedural Fairness in Machine Learning. Poster on 9th International Conference on Computational Social Systems, Copenhagen, July 17th - July 20th, 2023.

Decker, Marie; Moreno, Sarah (2023). ChatGPT offers Opportunities in AI Ethics Education. University:Future Festival 2023, KI-Campus- Bühne Heilbronn, April 27th, 2023.


Decker, Marie; Berg Julia (2022). Social Engagement. IDEA League Sustainable Campus Conference 2022, Aachen, September 8th, 2022.

Decker, Marie (2022). Bias in Daten und maschinellem Lernen: How to (not) measure Algorithmic Fairness. Netzwerkrunde FemaleTrainees Bosch Rexroth AG, online, July 18th, 2022.


Decker, Marie (2021). Flipped Classroom Concept for Initiating a Reflection Process among Engineering Students in Large and Mandatory Courses .13th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, online, July 5th-6th, 2021.

Decker, Marie (2021). On the importance of reflecting on algorithmic bias with regard to gender and diversity.
VDI Conference: 19th VDI Congress Women in Engineering, online, June 12th, 2021.



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