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Julia Berg-Postweiler

Gender and Diversity in Engineering Research Group

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Since 2019, Julia Berg has been a Research Associate at at the Department of Gender and Diversity in Engineering (GDI) at RWTH Aachen University. There, she is project lead of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Hub at the Technical University in Aachen (RWTH). The Hub initiates and accompanies projects in the fields of social innovation, impact architectures and social responsibility in higher education, research and innovation. Her research interests lie in the areas of social and sustainable innovation as well as social entrepreneurship, sustainability and teaching development. In her PhD, Julia Berg investigates which role technical universities can and should play in promoting social and sustainable innovation.

In addition, Julia Berg is a member of the Strategy Committee and the General Assembly of ENHANCE and as co-initiator of the network Social Entrepreneurship in the Euregio (SEEu) she is committed to the promotion and strengthening of social entrepreneurship in the Euregio.



Julia Berg studied business education with an elective in political science at University of Mannheim and Umeå University in Sweden. During her studies, she worked as a research assistant in human resources development and professional training at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology and as a research assistant and Research Associate in the university didactics team of the Center for Teaching Development at TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences).



  • SEND (Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland)
  • SEEu (Social Entrepreneurship Euregio)
  • ENHANCE Advisory Assembly
  • Open Aachen – Verein für sozial innovative und verantwortliche Entwicklung (Executive Board)

Supervised Theses

Bachelor's Theses

  • Waste Management in African Cities - How can sustainable waste management concepts contribute to the rapid urban developments in emerging markets in Africa, exemplified by Accra (Ghana)? (2023)
  • Die Bedeutung von Stadtgrün als Maßnahme zur Hitzereduzierung für eine nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung (2021)
  • Kompetenzerwerb durch die Digitalisierung der ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Lehre aus Perspektive der Studierenden (2021)
  • The potential of facade-bound vertical greening for sustainable building in the urban city with focus in social perspective (2021)





Berg-Postweiler, Julia; Steuer-Dankert, Linda; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen. One Does Not Fit All: Applying Anti-bias Trainings in Academia. Twenty-third International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations, Toronto, Canada, 2023-06-22 - 2023-06-23.


Berg, Julia; Decker, Marie (2022). Social Engagement. IDEA League Sustainable Campus Conference 2022, Aachen, 2022-09-08.

Berg, Julia (2022). Nachhaltigkeit in der Lehre - Der Beitrag interdisziplinärer und hochschulübergreifender Veranstaltungen, Forum Citizen Science, Bonn, 2022-05-12 - 2022-05-13.

Berg, Julia (2022). Sustainability in Teaching – The Role of Interdisciplinary and Cross-University Courses. Science Day 22: Built and Lived Environment – Towards a Sustainable and Livable Urban and Regional Future, 2022-06-30.


Berg, Julia; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen (2021). Changemaker Careers - The Impact of Technical Universities for preparing Students for Social Impact Careers. Intertational Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC), Mailand.

Berg, Julia; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen (2021). Social Innovation at Technical Universities : State of the Art. ISPIM Innovation Conference - Innovating Our Common Future, 2021-06-20 - 2021-06-23, Berlin, Germany.


Berg, Julia; Wirtz, Joscha; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen (2020). Covid-19 - research-based learning in unusual times: Students explore the digital semester. University Future Festival 2020.

Berg, Julia; Wirtz, Joscha; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen (2020). Social Innovations in Technical Universities: Community-Building : An Approach. SEFI 48th Annual Conference, 2020-09-20 - 2020-09-24, Twente.



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