Ann-Kristin Winkens

Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Gender und Diversity in den Ingenieurwissenschaften


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Ann-Kristin Winkens has been a research associate at the GDI since 2018. Her research interests are in particular in the areas of resilience, sustainability, engineering education and competence training in the engineering sciences. As part of her dissertation, she is investigating the extent to which resilience-related competencies, such as dealing with crises, adaptability, or systems thinking, are considered key competencies in engineering.

She is a representative for the improvement in quality of teaching and thus takes care of the continuous design of digital and competence-oriented academics.



Ann-Kristin Winkens studied Environmental Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and is pursuing a second Master's degree in Economics at RWTH. Since 2018, she has been a research assistant at GDI and managing director of the interdisciplinary project "Leonardo" at RWTH.


Supervised Theses

Master's Theses

  • Assessment of the Resilience Potential of Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies in the Context of Climate Change – the Case of Water Management in Cape Town (2021)

  • Resilience and sustainability in urban areas – Analysis of resilience approaches for the risk management of buildings for the development of a corresponding resilience strategy in Medellin, Colombia (2020)

  • Assessment of the resilience potential of strategies in dealing with natural disasters in the context of disaster management using the example of floods in Sri Lanka (2020)

  • Engineering Resilience – An Analysis of chosen study paths in the field of Engineering at RWTH Aachen University with the focus on resilience-oriented contentsz (2019)

Bachelor's Theses

  • Sustainable building: The DGNB certification system with regard to the sociocultural aspect and its applicability – using the example of RWTH building 'PPS' (2019)

  • Expectations of potential applicants regarding the social skills of their future leaders in construction companies (2019)

  • The exchange of flat between old and young – A solution for scarcity of living space in times of demographic change? (2021)

  • Fit for the labour market? — Skills gap between employer expectations and graduate skills of young engineers (2021)