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Jennifer Bosen


Gender and Diversity in Engineering Research Group

Research Associate


Building: Gebäude 3010

Room: C157

Kackertstraße 9

52072 Aachen



Jennifer Bosen’s PhD research is funded by the NRW-graduate college ACCESS!. Her sociological research focusses on mobilities in the context of environmental attitudes and practices, constructions of the future, and temporality. Her empirical projects include studies on cycling mobility and adolescents under lockdown. She works interdisciplinarily with partners from geography or environmental chemistry and cooperates transdisciplinarily with partners outside the university, such as the ADFC. Her methodological focus lies on qualitative methods, in particular on content analysis and on Grounded Theory. She has taught interdisciplinary Master-level seminars on social sustainability at the faculty of civil engineering since 2018.



Academic Career

Jennifer Bosen studied Sociology and English Studies at RWTH Aachen University. As part of her studies, she conducted field research on air pollution, environment and diversity in China, during a DAAD-funded semester abroad at the East China University of Science and Technology ECUST in Shanghai and a summer school of the London School of Economics and Political Science LSE at Peking University PKU.

Master's Thesis

To Breathe or not to Breathe? Awareness of Ambient Air Pollution in China – Self and Other in Private and Public (2017, unpublished)



Graduate college ACCESS!



German Sociological Association
UN Women Germany


Supervised Theses

Bachelor's Theses

  • Sustainability in the Construction Industry: Chances of Implementing Social Responsibility in Housing Projects (2021)
  • Tiny Houses as a Solution to a Socially Sustainable Development of Housing Space  (2020)
  • Climate Change and Intersectionality – Analysis of the Particular Vulnerability of Women in the Charlands of Bangladesh (2020)
  • Commuting through Avenues and Exhaust Fumes in Aachen – Analysis of Bike Mobility and Perceived Air Pollution in Urban Areas (2019)
  • Is Student Mobility Socially Sustainable? – Investigation on the RWTH Aachen Campus (2019)
  • Smart Enough Cities? – The Role of Urban Quality of Life in Smart Cities Exemplified by Songdo (2019)
  • Implementation of Smart City concepts in city districts – Exemplified by the “GrowSmarter” project at Stegerwaldsiedlung in Cologne Mülheim (2018)

Master's Theses

  • Socially Sustainable Mobility in Rural Areas: Indicators and Evaluation Framework for the County Heinsberg (2021)


Social Development and Sustainability (winter/summer term)





Bosen, Jennifer (2023): Uncertain Futures – constructions of Hope and Control by Adolescent Girls under Lockdown. XX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Melbourne, Australia, June 29th, 2023.

Bosen, Jennifer (2023): Cycling towards social sustainability: How can inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations contribute to improving cycling diversity? British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Manchester, UK, April 14th, 2023.

Bosen, Jennifer (2023): Mobilitäskulturen: Diversität x Radverkehr (Transl. Mobility cultures: Diversity x Cycling). Invited Speaker in the framework of the event Mehr Perspektiv*innen für den Raum – Wie der Gender Gap durch sensible Planung geschlossen werden kann!, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences & Women in Mobility, January 25th, 2023.


Bosen, Jennifer (2022): Adolescence Locked Down? Self-Identity and Visions of the Future by Adolescent Girls under Lockdown in Germany. Second International Childlife Conference, Oslo, Norway, September 21st, 2022.

Bosen, Jennifer (2022): Cycling Through Air Pollution and Traffic: Risk Perception, Mitigation Strategies, and Subjective Safety of Committed Utilitarian Cyclists in the German City of Aachen. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, September 1st, 2022.

Bosen, Jennifer (2022): Session Cities, Mobilities Place and Space. Session Chair at the British Sociological Association Annual Conference, April 20th, 2022. 


Bosen, Jennifer & Fuchte, Hanna (2021): Alltagsradeln im Stadtverkehr – ein transdisziplinärer Blick auf die Belastung durch Verkehrsrisiken und -emissionen (Transl.: Everyday Cycling in the City – a Transdisciplinary Exposure Analysis of Traffic Risks and Emissions). 12th Annual Pegasus Conference, October 16th, 2021.

Bosen, Jennifer (2021): Putting the Social in Mobility. Invited Speaker at European Mobility Week, September 22nd, 2021.

Bosen, Jennifer (2021): Mobility Future – Future Generations’ Visions of Sustainability and Traffic Mobility. British Sociological Association Annual Conference, April 15th , 2021.


Bosen, Jennifer (2020): Mobility Future – Interdependenzen von Diversität, Umwelt, Nachhaltigkeit und Mobilität am Beispiel jugendlicher und junger Erstakademiker*innen in Deutschland. (Transl.: Mobility Future – Interdependencies of Diversity, Environment, Sustainability and Mobility on the example of adolescents in Germany). 11th Annual Pegasus Conference, October 10th, 2020.


Bosen, Jennifer & Fuchte, Hanna (2019): Studie zur gemessenen und subjektiv empfundenen Luftschadstoffbelastung von Radpendelnden in Aachen (Transl.: Measured and Subjectively Perceived Air Pollution of Cycling Commuters in Aachen), Poster. Jahressymposium NRW-Forschungskolleg Access!, Aachen, October 22nd, 2019.








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