SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  Illustration of the Sustainable Development Goal 16: Bird with Olive Branch © UN

Peace, justice and strong institutions

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Discovering Innovation – Project Work Beyond Engineering

The course offers students the possibility to put into practice, a more inclusive and reflective perspective on the interaction between society and enterprises. Students learn the basics of entrepreneurship with a focus on social entrepreneurship and social innovation, while reflecting the role of industry, innovation and infrastructure.

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Engineering, Culture and Society (MME Modul)

In the frame of this course students learn how culture shapes and impacts engineering, with a particular focus on the cultural aspects of gender that affect who becomes an engineer, what problems get solved, and the quality of solutions, technology, and products. We will examine the creation of innovations and entrepreneurial processes through the lens of a diverse society. We will also take into account the role and impact engineering and technology have for society and why it makes sense to reflect different approaches.

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Social Development and Sustainability

Social responsibility, sustainability and resilience are closely linked to the guiding princinples of the SDGs. The seminar highlights theoretical concepts and teaches the connections between social, ecological and economic dimensions.

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