SDG 5: Gender Equality

  Illustration of the Sustainable Development Goal 5: men and women

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

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Diversity and Innovations

The seminar focuses on the context between the development of sustainable innovations and diversity. Among other topics, the seminar offers a theoretical overview of the topics of diversity management and human-centered design. Based on concrete examples from application-oriented projects, the resulting necessity of considering different diversity categories, including gender, will be elaborated and discussed in plenary.

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Expanding Engineering Limits: Culture, Diversity and Gender

The course analyses the interrelationships between engineering, social practices and their culture in the context of gender and diversity. The focus is on cultural aspects of gender and diversity, which have a significant impact on who becomes an engineer, what issues are addressed and how the execution and quality of problem solving, design, technology and products are affected.

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Talent Scouting Aachen

Within this project, the talent scouting programme is being researched using the example of Aachen. The aim of the programme is to promote equal educational opportunities of children from families without academic experience in the region of Aachen, Düren, Heinsberg and Euskirchen by identifying talented students and supporting them individually in the transition between school and job/study.

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SFB TRR 188 – Sub-project "Equal Opportunities"

Personnel diversity and a non-discriminatory, inclusive working environment offer a wide range of opportunities and social and economic benefits in innovation processes. In this context, the implementation of diversity management in engineering research networks is investigated.

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