SDG 4: Quality Education

  Illustration of the Sustainable Development Goal 9: three three-dimensional cubes Copyright: © UN

Ensure an inclusive, equitable and high-quality education and promote options of lifelong learning for all

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Introduction to Scientific Work in Engineering

The course offers an introduction to scientific work by providing a theoretical overview, which is then followed by practical application in the form of a seminar paper. The course lays the foundations for high-quality education and the critical, objective analysis and discussion of scientific questions.

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Skills for Social and Sustainable Technology Design

Technology, science, society and the environment are in a reciprocal relationship that poses new challenges for future graduates. The seminar discusses the academic concept of competence as well as the competences that engineers need for sustainable technology design.

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(Research) Projects

BIOS – Cooperative Course in Civil Engineering with Orientation Semester

In the cooperative study programme with the FH Aachen, an inclusive, equitable and high-quality education is promoted and enables especially first generation students to get a better (university) orientation. Furthermore, courses on socially responsible technology development are anchored in the curriculum. An additional eighth semester offers students at RWTH Aachen University the opportunity to gain experience abroad and practical experience and extra-curricular skills shortly before graduation.

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