Survey on the Living Lab Templergraben

  Flowers in the foreground, bike, people and trees in the background. Copyright: © GDI

Take part on the survey!

Participation until 31.10.2021 possible.


Since Friday, June 18, 2021, a trial is being conducted at Templergraben in the form of a living lab to see how the network interruption affects Templergraben and the surrounding streets. For this purpose, through traffic between the main building and Super C of RWTH Aachen University will be limited to public transport as well as pedestrian and bicycle traffic. This closure to motor vehicle traffic and the resulting spaces are referred to as the Templergraben Reallabor.

In a survey, RWTH Aachen University, the City of Aachen, as well as the student initiative Uni.Urban.Mobil, the VCD and the ADFC would like to find out what you want from the mobility turnaround and the city of the future.

What does the closure mean for Aachen's citizens?

What opportunities and challenges does the newly created public space offer?

Can this measure contribute to advancing the mobility turnaround and making the city more livable? Or are the measures at Templergraben inappropriate and out of touch with reality?

We would like to invite you to participate in the voluntary survey until 31.10.2021 and help us answer these and other questions.