Theoretical framework for the Internet of Sustainable Production (IoSP)

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As part of our research work within the sub-project D.I. Integrated Usage of the Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production (IoP), Sebastian Bernhard, Calvin Röhl and Carmen Leicht-Scholten have coordinated the development of a theoretical framework for the Internet of Sustainable Production (IoSP). Partners from sub-projects D.I. and D.II. were part of the research team. The results of this research work were published in the proceedings of the 2023 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS). The research paper "Sustainability in the Internet of Production: Interdisciplinary Opportunities and Challenges" was presented by Calvin Röhl at ISTAS23 in Swansea on 14.09.23.

Based on IoP research on digital shadows, the framework develops these further into Digital Shadows for Sustainability (DSfS). These DSfS can be used to analyse data tracked in the production process in terms of the three sustainability dimensions (ecological, social and economic), identify overlaps between the dimensions and ultimately implement a holistic optimization of production processes that takes all three dimensions into account. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary project team analyzed the framework on a theoretical level using five use cases to identify challenges, opportunities and pathways from an interdisciplinary perspective. This showed that, despite the many potentials, the social dimension in particular is still not given enough consideration. It also revealed the urgent need to take a holistic view of the interlinked dimensions of sustainability in order to enable a comprehensive sustainable transformation of production and industry. The established framework provides an initial basis for subsequent research and practical applications.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the research contribution for the excellent and successful collaboration: Sebastian Pütz, Ralph Baier, Philipp Brauner, Ester Christou, Hannah Dammers, Roman Flaig, Leon M. Gorißen, Jan-Christoph Heilinger, Christian Hinke, István Koren, Dirk Lüttgens, Michael Millan, Kai Müller, Alexander Schollemann, Luisa Vervier, Thomas Gries, Alexander Mertens, Saskia K. Nagel, Frank T. Piller, Günther Schuh, Martina Ziefle and Verena Nitsch.