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Prof. Carmen Leicht-Scholten Explores Societal Responsibility and Diversity in Technology Development

RWTH Aachen proudly presents its new audio short-format, 'To the Point – Know More in 240 Seconds,' offering a quick and uncomplicated access to exciting research topics from the university. In the latest episode, Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten advocates for inclusive technology development that considers gender and diversity perspectives.

RWTH Aachen is committed to a sustainable society capable of meeting the diverse challenges of our time. For this purpose, interdisciplinary teams with diverse perspectives, including representation of all genders and consideration of intersectional aspects, are indispensable. Only through diversity can we develop solutions together and benefit from a wide range of experiences. Unfortunately, certain groups of people, including women, are still disadvantaged and have little influence on societal developments as a whole. In this context, RWTH Aachen aims to draw attention to the underrepresentation of women at the university through this new audio short-format.

The audio contributions in the current episode provide fascinating insights. Dr. Ulrike Brands-Proharam Gonzalez, the university's equal opportunity commissioner, reports on the working and living realities of women from all status groups. Dr. Birgit Schillak-Hammers informs about the Women Career Lunch for aspiring architects. In two additional contributions, Professor Christina Büsing and Professor Erika Ábrahám discuss possible causes for the low representation of women in STEM fields. The episode is rounded off by Professor Leicht-Scholten, who emphasizes that sustainable technology development should not only include all genders but also consider diverse individuals and avoid discrimination. Through her expertise and research, she demonstrates how technology development can be socially responsible and promote an inclusive society."