Aachener Zeitung reports about our new Cycling Study “Distance and Subjective Safety in Cycling”.

Distance between car and bike © Karl Stüber

The Aachener Zeitung published article about our new Cycling Study “Distance and Subjective Safety in Cycling” which we are conducting together with the RWTH research group Cultural Geography Teaching and Research Unit of the NRW Graduate College ACCESS! and in cooperation with the TU Berlin.

The study aims to capture the subjective and measured safety of cyclists in a multi-methodical approach, using motion data combined with subjective assessments of incidents measured via the SimRa app, data on overtaking vehicles measured via OpenBikeSensors, and qualitative interviews. The study is designed and conducted in cooperation with the Aachen branch of the German cyclists' association ADFC Aachen e.V. and the citizens' initiative "Fahrradfreundliches Haaren e.V.". It aims to contribute to a better understanding of subjective safety in transport and a diverse and inclusive cycling culture.



More information about the research project can be found under the following link. Interested parties who use the bicycle as a mode of transport in Aachen and would like to participate in the data collection can also register to take part in the study.