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By prior appointment via info@gdi.rwth-aachen.de.

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Lectures and seminars

The GDI is giving lectures and seminars for different study courses. We are providing you with an overview of current and future courses on our teachings site.


Summer School

The summer school “Expanding Engineering Limits: Culture, Diversity and Gender” organized by Prof. Leicht-Scholten from Aachen University and Prof. Sheppard from Stanford University takes places from September 19 - September 26, 2015. The school will consider how culture shapes and affects engineering. We will put particular focus on the cultural aspects of gender that affect who becomes an engineer what problems are solved, and the quality of solutions, design, technology, and products.

More information and application

Interdisciplinary Project: "Introduction to Civil Engineering"

Back in summer 2013 a project group for an interdisciplinary project got founded during the summer school "Blended Learning". Here it was decided to implement this conecpt at the introductory course in civil engineering. You can find more information about the course at the course information page and in the Campus (German only).

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

The GDI offers bachelor students the opportunity to get insights into the academic field of work and to participate in the research of GDI. If you are interested you can find further information on the UROP website. You can register for the project via an online form.


If you want to write you bachelor or master thesis at the GDI, please make an appointment via info@gdi.rwth-aachen.de. A bachelor or a master thesis is not tied to a fixed subject. You are welcome to bring along your own ideas or subject proposals.

Pupil's University - Diversity Rally

The rally which took place within the framework of the pupil’s university at RWTH Aachen University was marked by the diversity of people and by the challenges and demands for individual mobility and planning of infrastructure. During the two-hour event, which took place in the city center of Aachen as well as on campus on July 24, the pupils were enabled to feel constraints in their mobility by using wheelchairs, baby buggies, specifically designed glasses as well as special suites that simulate pregnancy as well as old age.

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