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3rd February 2016

Spotlight Gender - Perspectives for medical and engineering research

The necessary consideration of gender perspectives in research and development is increasingly finding its way into the field of national and international research funding. Students of medicine and engineering disciplines are rarely confronted with gender topics and reflections about their profession during studies.
The Symposium “Spotlight Gender – Perspectives for medical and engineering research” on February 3rd 2017 at RWTH Aachen University will offer Ph.D. candidates the opportunity to reflect and discuss their dissertation projects regarding the topic of gender. Moreover, the event will give space for an interdisciplinary scientific exchange and networking between the fields.

The Symposium is a collaborative project of the RWTH Aachen Uniklinik professorship for neuropsychological gender studies and the RWTH Aachen professorship Gender and Diversity in engineering.

If you have an interest in participating please register until the 15th of January 2017 via email: spotlightgender@gdi.rwth-aachen.de

For more information as PDF, please click on the flyer below: